Travelling the world gives you an interesting perspective on how restaurants in your home country stack up to food you’ve had overseas. Some restaurants pride themselves on cheap hole-in-the-wall often at times family run restaurants that have passed down recipes through family generations, giving reassurance to the diacerning diner by having grandma cooking out back in the kitchen. And then there are restaurants which have a name because of serious hospitality heavyweights deciding to go the whole hog by adopting cuisine (which is not there own), but which has come about because of creativity, and a love for the adopted cuisine. 

Queen Chow is one such restaurant that contends with the best Chinese cuisine on offer in Sydney’s Chinatown, but gives it a nice local feel being situated in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Enmore in a converted pub. The old feel of this pub gives it a great feel when you walk in. Lighting is dimmed to give this restaurant a feel not too dissimilar to some of Merivale’s other stables of high-end dining establishments. 

To capture the heart of the diner Queen Chow has a sophisticated take on Chinese food – think anything you can get in a Chinatown haunt mixed with a chic selection of cool and tasty cocktails and you can imagine what this restaurant serves up. 

The dining begins when we start on Peking duck pancakes –  a nice welcome to give the diner the feel that although it may not be a cheap dinner, the food is definitely worth its weight in gold. We’re then served a beautiful plate of field mushrooms deep-fried, and served with chilli. Our dinner then goes to great depths of seafood dining as we settle in for some beautifully fresh scallops served in their shell with spring onion. All of the dishes go well with a mixed fried rice – which invites second helpings when the BBQ pork arrives. 

A dinner like this wouldn’t be complete without dessert, and since we are dining in a Chinese restaurant the meal wouldn’t be complete without the famous fried icecream. The beautiful breadcrumb is infused with dry coconut which gives the batter a sweet and tasty flavour, which combines well with a cool centre of vanilla bean ice cream. The flavours go well with the hot of the deep fried breadcrumb batter, and just as your sweet-tooth cravings are satisfied it brings back sweet memories of enjoying this delicious yet simple dessert – having enjoyed it as a kid at some of the inner-west of Sydney’s most treasured Asian restaurants. 

Queen Chow takes simple Chinese dishes you’ve grown up with to high-end levels. Its mood-lit decor offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that you’ll find at any of Merivale’s other restaurants. The bar downstairs offers a glimpse into this pubs interesting past, and the numerous bars throughout the restaurant offer the sort of beverages that you would expect from a Merivale establishment. 

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