Quick work break lunch in Santiago, Chile on my way back from a meeting – seafood is on the menu today, and I’ve found a nice little eatery inside of Santiago’s main fish markets swarming with locals inside, and people lining up out front so I just had to stop, find out what all the fuss and excitement was about, and have a quick bite to eat. 

What was on the menu? Seafood Marina Paella – mixed seafood with fresh fish, mussels, grilled octopus, fish stock, bread, lemon sauce, and a tomato-like salsa.

How was the meal served? In a bowl with the sauces served separately, making the meal a dish best served with however much extra sauce, and given there seems to be a lack of flavour, or taste at times it’s good to be given the choice.

Where was the meal served? In a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant situated next to Santaigo’s main fish markets. Dining was literally right next to where fresh fish and seafood was being purchased by Santiago’s locals.

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