Long term travel they often say is hard and arduous, even more so when you’re supporting yourself whilst finding your feet in one of the world’s many capitals, the world’s hidden remote and rural areas, and some of the world’s most unforgiving, and inhospitable areas. I’m happy to say that after three days of hiking Chile’s Patagonia that I’m now well on my way to finding my feet after a hard, and arduous 50km’s of hiking through some tough and treacherous terrain.

People often say that any area you visit has a unique story to tell – whether it be the cultural and historical stories, or in Patagonia’s case pure and pristine nature.

Visiting Patagonia has always been on my bucket list of places to visit, but not so when it came to food, and dining experiences. I was however pleasantly surprised when it came to eating in Patagonia – due to the hiking we were more often than not snacking, or eating hearty meals to ensure our energy and strength.

So what does a self-proclaimed foodie eat when visiting Patagonia?

  • Cream of peas with stewed vegetables (onion, peppers, potatoes, parsley, thyme, sage and rosemary)
  • King crab Lasagna
  • Black bean gluten-free brownie with vegan ice cream (flaxseed and chia) with poppy seeds.

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