As a foodie and culinary expert there are some things I hope for when I go out for a new culinary experience. Either to try food that I’ve heard is good, or to try a new experience which takes me by surprise.

Perhaps this is why I decided to sign up for Intuitiva Cuisina – noting that the name carried a lot of significance in a country such as Colombia which is known for fresh, real and authentic produce. 

The menu consisted of fresh and local produce, brought together in a traditional Colombian home setting.

Drinks: Gulupa and cardamom Hibiscus flowerGolden Water (star anise, cinnamon, ishpingo)

Popcorn: (Green) Dried coca leaf, gatuno ash  and honey(Yellow) Turmeric, black pepper and honey(Red) Achiote (Annatto), olive oil and salt

1st course: “Sancocho se hinchido de gallina”Chicken broth slowly cooked with Amazonian cinnamon (ishpingo) and blended with bonesArracacha chips, grilled microvegetales, rice ball

2nd course: “Cremoso de ahuyama”Squash and white beans humus Yacon, sweet chili and yellow chili picadilloYellow and purple corn crackers

3rd course: “Ensalada de croquetas de yuca”Boiled and fried yuca (cassava) croquetsMango, cucumber, carrot, purple cabbage and ginger salad

4th course: “Arepa de bola rellena”Stuffed arepa with shredded chicken in achiote guiso with tamarillo BBQ sauce Picked ullucos and OcasCreamed avo sauce and cashew chipotle sauce

5th course: “Postres de la abuela”A traditional Colombian sweets platter with milk flan, algarrobo and plantain cupcake and uchuva, guanabana and guava fruit salad

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