Since coming on this worldwide trip I’ve come to realise something I neglected for many years when I was busy cutting my teeth in the exciting world of the world wide web, and digital – my health. 

So why did I have this epithany all of a sudden? Simply because in the years prior to embarking on this adventure of a lifetime I had become the very opposite of what I knew I should be in every sense of the word – I had become lazy, had practically eaten at every restaurant back in my hometown, and had become quite literally a walking and talking embodiement of gluttony – an unfit individual who had neglected his health, and allowed his fitness to take a backseat, to his extravagant and ostentatious taste for food, fine dining, and everything that went with it – alcohol, parties and late nights.

Taking a step in a new direction I wanted to give myself the best chance I could to reshape my life in a positive more healthier direction. So I joined a gym and began getting fitter, healthier and generally aimed to be a better version of myself without compromising on the things I loved (food, fine dining etc) – and as soon as I started putting words into practice my life started to get better. 

So when I decided to join this global tour I also decided that I’d get back into the gym in whatever city I was in, and not long after arriving in Peru I kept my word and did exactly that. 

So when I post about dining out practically all the time, and post about eating lots of different food it’s important to remember that anybody doing a job such as mine would be well advised to visit the gym, and maintain a physical lifestyle to remain fit and healthy. This is no different to an elite athlete training, and maintaining a lifestyle to enable their success – after all we are what we eat, and I eat for my job, so self care is something I believe in, and it’s something I don’t just talk about, I live and breathe it.

So apart from going to the gym, what else do I do maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (when I’m not eating in restaurants), and I also make fruit smoothies every morning before I have a coffee and switch on for the day. 

Fruit juices & smoothies

OK, it’s pretty well established that I eat and drink a lot, but what else do I do to stay healthy? I try and walk to wherever I need to go, and I try and swim after every gym workout. It’s not possible for me to workout, and swim everyday, but I try and get as much exercise in as I can wherever I happen to be. 

There’s also the additional activities I’ve been doing while on this global tour which has included hiking the Inca trail to Machu Pichuu, hiking to Rainbow Mountain, swimming with sea lions, and playing Tejo in Colombia. These activities, and many others are part of what maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about. My Father always told me that life ‘was all about balance’ and that to maintain a full life you needed to maintain balance, and not a life that was excessive in one particular area over another. So healthy eating (when balanced with eating out), combined with plenty of physical activity and exercise, really is the key to living a full, exciting, vibrant and healthy life. Why not try it?

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  1. Well said Jimmy. The other component is emotional and spiritual wellness. I also need to add that to my overall perspective and I am working on it now. So keep your mind focussed on whats good for you.
    Love you


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