The street art of Lima is unique, and like any country around the world it has its own style which gives it its own character, its own soul, and ultimately its own flavour – Peruvian.

And just like Liman art the culinary flavours of Lima are unique, and have a character of their own, and ultimately display the soul of Peru on the plate. 

So what exactly is the soul of Peruvian food? To fully appreciate Peruvian food you need to first start with the history of Peru which is unique in its own ways. And interestingly there are Asian, indigenous and Spanish colonial influences that have shaped Peru, and made the overall culinary character a kalideoscope of flavours unlike any I’ve experienced before. 

The flavours of Peru are special as their interspersed with what I’ve come to enjoy even since I was a kid – Japanese, and Chinese (known as Nikei, and Chifa respectively), at times fused in with indigenous and Spanish influences, and at other times not fused at all. 

So there’s  no single way to describe Peruvian food as it’s so unique, and special in its own way. 

The heart and soul of Peruvian food is very much a diverse mix of different flavours which have come to influence this nation, and this ultimately is the true soul of Peru – Asian flavours, with elements of Spanish, and indigenous influence – buen provecho! 

El alma de Peru

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