In case anyone was wondering, yes, Peruvians smash avocado too, and is it any wonder why they do so in such large numbers? It’s because something like 3,700 acres of new avocado orchard gets planted in Peru each year. Do Peruvians have the same problem when it comes to Gen Y, housing affordability, and smashed avocado dashing home ownership dreams? No, but like any other country there are other social issues that young Peruvians face. Thankfully, one of those issues is not avocado, and with such large quantities around it’s pretty easy to get carried away with its rich goodness. One of the main appetisers, or entrees is mozzarella deep fried cheese sticks, with an avocado 🥑 dip. It truly is one of those ‘can’t get enough of’ style dishes, but with it being a starter self control is par for the course. 

Smashed avo in Peru

In terms of avocados and me – I simply cant get enough of them, and I’ve loved them since I was a kid. I also have fond memories of the green stuff from when I was studying journalism at university in Sydney. The house I was living in at the time in Chippendale had an avocado tree, so there was a plentiful supply to keep me going when I was living the student life. My dog at the time, Micky even shared in the bountiful goodness that nature was offering us. Micky (jack russel terrier) would run outside when he’d hear one fall from the tree, pick it up in his mouth, and run back inside to drop it at either my feet, or in his little bed.

So the avocado has brought me many great memories, and past experinces to share – why not share some of its green goodness and ‘av-an-avo’ today?

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