There was once a widely respected school of thought that breakfast was ‘the most important meal of the day’, and now it seems that school of thought is challenged by our ever-increasingly inter-connected and globalised world.

Since arriving in Lima I’ve literally been living by the European, or more specifically the French mantra of a light breakfast of essentially a cafe, and bread with jam, or brioche – because since arriving I’ve been sorting out my brand new life, which has been spent literally going from one place to another in order to work my way through this complex, yet beautiful and fascinating city, leaving virtually no time for any kind of hearty breakfast.

This morning was a rare exception where I felt confident enough that I was on top of things, and that I had no early morning meetings with my colleagues back in Australia, and that I could venture out for a bit of breakfast at a great local bakery in Miraflores called El Pan De La Chola – which virtually translates to ‘the bread of chola’ – ‘chola’ in Latin America is a woman from an indigenous tribe.

So what did I enjoy for breakfast? I started with a cappauccino, an orange and carrot juice (freshly squeezed), and then had a sandwhich – de jamon, lechuga y mayonesa – or a ham, lettuce and mayonaise sandwhich on a nice and freshly baked, egg-brushed and crunchy focaccia.

I wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth urge and have a chocolat croissant, but one of my dining companions had it and told it that the chocolate was quite bitter, and the pastry seemed a little too crunchy on the outside, and it was quite an effort to break apart – this however points to very fresh ingredients, and says a lot about this bakery, and other bakeries that I’ve visited globally – that the bread baked uses fresh ingredients, and the taste of the bread also pointed to that, despite the fact that the bread had a nice crunch on the outside, it was light and fluffy on the inside, and had that almost stretchy doughy consistency which tends to be commonplace when it comes to focaccia.

So all up, a great breakfast with friends, and good coffee, nice juices, and a delicious breakfast left me very satisfied. I’d give this bakery a 7 out of 10.

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