I always imagined that someday I’d end up flipping burgers in a restaurant chain if my career didn’t quite pan out the way I planned, so it’s very satisfying that I’m not just eating gourmet burgers, but flipping my way around the world for twelve months, all while keeping my job, and advancing my career – phewwww! Lucky things did pan out the way I wanted them to! 

There’s a burger place here in Lima that I visited at lunch with a fellow Remote Year friend that served up a very delicious, and moderately priced meal consisting of cheese fries, a burger, and a dessert for about $8 Australian, and a beer for about the same. All up $16 is close to what I’d be paying back home for a simple burger, chips, and a drink (no beer), so the prices here aren’t too bad for what you get. 

The dessert was a very sweet but delicious mini pecan pie with whipped cream. 

So opting for the large meal, and going big with Juicy Lucy was a good idea right from the start. 


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