Nights out to bars back home were often spent in pubs or sports bars, rarely ever spent going to glitzy, or even famous bars in my hometown at the time – Canberra. So to be able to visit some really cool bars for a nightcap while I’ve been in Peru is just what the barman ordered! 

Ayahuasca is a bar in Barranco in Lima that’s frequented by the rich and famous, the elite of Peru, and from time to time the odd celebrity has been known to just ‘drop in’, or even when we were there a former pornstar to escape the bright lights of Tinseltown. 

Ayahuasca is a drink made in the Amazon jungle used by generations of indigenous tribesman known as ‘shamans’ to treat ailments, but don’t let the bar name confuse you – Ayahuasca is not a drink they serve up in bars, not even this one (think of it as a Peruvian play on words) – the actual medicinal drink is found close to, and around the Amazon jungle – which is where it’s plant based ingredients originate. 

So the bar served up the Peruvian favourite Pisco sours, as well as other cocktails such as a Shaman – which consisted of fresh mint, apple cider, and a cinnamon-based rum. And there were many other cockrails on the menu which I didn’t try, but was happy ask other people about – and the general consensus was that we had come to the right place.

A-listers and famous people are what makes Ayahuasca come alive of a night. And just like the name of the bar, the drinks are based around the people and places of Peru, and I found all of the drinks I tried, especially the Pisco sours to be incredibly delicious, and full of flavour. 

Drinks @ Ayahuasca

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