The Peruvian food pallette is very sophisticated, as you’ve already seen by what’s been served up to me so far. And every culinary experience I’ve had has been truly memorable, and I hope to savour and enjoy every minute of it. 

Ultimately though I’m here in Peru to not just have an amazing culinary, and travel experience, but also to live and work day-to-day, so after having some great experiences it was time to snap back to some reality and get organised for the normal part of my living here in Lima. So the first stop in accomplishing this was the supermarket, or grocery store to find some basic foods I could cook at home, or take to work. After wondering around Miraflores for a little while I finally found the local grocery store. 

The freshbfood on display wasn’t something I was expecting, but I was relieved as the displays of premium and delicious food put me into my happy place. 

What does a Peruvian supermarket have that’s different to what we have in the west? The truth is that there isn’t a lot of difference, but the one thing I did notice was that fresh could be defined somewhat differently here. I had the impression that the produce hadn’t been snap-frozen, or been stored in warehouses for long periods as the fresh produce smell was very much there. The selection of fruit and vegetables was as good as I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. The selection of baked goods I could smell aisles away reminded me of the best bakers I’ve visited, and the range and variety was great. And the selection of meat products reminded me of heavy European influences, as offal was par for the course (lots of it), whereas we don’t see a lot of that in the west. Seafood was plentiful with a lot of variety of fresh fish, and a large range of pickled, cured, and smoked products (again, heavy European influences). 

So while I pushed the shopping trolley around the grocery store I needed to remind myself to be minimalist in my approach to selection (only the bare necessities!)  So now my whole life revolves around this ‘minimalist’ attitude I need to adopt, dining and minalism is not something I’ll be adopting as a rule. The grocery store prices seemed pretty similar, or more expensive than what I’m used to back in Australia, which is OK with me, as it has allowed me to come to the realisation thats it’s actually cheaper to eat out, than to buy food, and cook it – so cheers to that, and buen provecho! 

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