If you’ve ever been on a camping trip anywhere in nature anywhere around the world you’ll no doubt appreciate the notion that it often does wonders for the soul – by getting back to nature. Since arriving in Peru I’ve been fascinated with the one thing I’ve always thought about when it comes to this beautiful and ancient country – the Amazon jungle, and moreover how I can try and connect with it in some way. 

So with that in mind I wanted to experience a bit of the jungle for myself, especially if I was unable to visit the world-renowned landmark while I’m here. I also wanted to somehow tie it in with what I’m here to do – eat delicious food. And on the topic of eating it’s interesting to note that people also believe that a delicious meal can also do wonders for the soul too. 

And so it was a truly memorable moment when I had the pleasure of dining with my new friends at a restaurant that’s themed around Peru’s Amazon jungle, and the butterfly – Green Bar @ Morphology. As far as themed restaurants go generally I’ve never really been that much of a fan, however the experience I had at this venue was both soulfully gratifying, yet delicious at the same time. 

When we arrived we were taken into a very cool multi-level atrium enclosure – the sight of butterflies flying around was truly breathtaking as we went from twilight to darkness and descended from the canopy, to the understory, and finally to the forest floor over three levels. As the butterflies started to fly all around us I could see the seeping colours begin to fade across their gentle and delicate wings, and it was then that two-winged silhouettes began to be appear signifying that darkness would soon be upon us. 

When dining in a restaurant in a country that claims 60% of the Amazon rainforest, what ends up on your plate when you visit Green Bar, La Mar – Imposario? An abundant selection of fresh salads and vegetables, and beautiful natural dips which had both bold flavour, and flavours I’d never even tasted before, giving my pallet some pretty sick  sensory surprises. 

For starters we had mushrooms on a lightly toasted Peruvian bread which was topped with a delicious Peruvian melted cheese. The mushroom consistency spoke of a strong earthy flavour which balanced well with the melted cheese.

We were then treated to grazing baskets which consisted of salad, mixed vegetables – carrot, celery, radishes, capsicum, and charcuterie – jamon serano, salami, Peruvian cheeses, and grapes. 

It was now time for a special dish to finish off our gastronomic adventure and we had an avocado dish (butterflied of course!) which very much reminded me of what an avocado should taste like – made even better by a firm consistency on the outside, yet soft on the inside, it was adorned with mixed Peruvian nuts. 

So after an absolutely delicious meal shared with new friends it was time for the pièce de résistance as we were taken back to the butterfly enclosure to see trapeze artists swing, and weave their way up and down silk in such an effortless way allowing us to witness the butterfly in full flight, in full colour, and in its majestic and graceful beauty,  taking the theme of the night to an at times edgy, yet very beautiful level.

There are literally heaps of sayings and quotes about butterflies, but to put one of those quotes simply it goes something like ‘if you shed your past you can start again’, and the butterfly comes into being from the caterpillar, and a cocoon. The message to digest from the night –  life in all its beauty presents a lot of twists and turns, yet we always have the opportunity to start afresh – just like the butterfly – to live a new life, with new meaning, and ultimately we can all reach heights we never thought possible. 

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