After travelling from my home in Australia for 16 hours, with a two hour stop-over in Auckland, and then another hour or so in Santiago, Chile I was really yearning for a food experience worthy of writing about on at least my first, or even my second day of being in the Peruvian capital. 

So after a day of settling in, and having a day of enjoying a lunch of Tuna Cerviche with some great new mates, and checking out the local sights and sounds of Miraflores, I was really hoping to find a dining hotspot where I could unleash my inner food beast. 

So off I went for a stroll along the famous coastal walk past the Larcomar shopping centre, and through the huge crowds of people, I eventually ended up bumping into some fellow Remote Year travellers who I’d met the night before at the RY NYE party, and after establishing that they were in the same boat as me, and were down for finding a bite to eat – we ventured off as a posse to find something. 

After a twilight walk up the main arterial road in Miraflores we ended up outside a sandwich joint that judging by the numbers of people out the front, was not something you could just (in good conscience) walk right past. 

So after arriving and perusing the menu at La Lucha proceeded to order a stack of sandwiches, and I’m certainly glad I did because they were quite simply phenomenal. 

So what makes for a good sandwich in of all places, Lima? My mates reckoned it was a club sandwich, and soon as as they got their order their eyes light up with delight, but I wanted something more than what I’d enjoyed in hotels countless times before, and as the anticipation started to build, and a few local brews later, out came my beef sandwich sandwich. I began to eat this delicious sandwich which consisted of melted cheese, avocado, and onion, I simply couldn’t control how I started to feel when the flavours hit my tongue, and as I began to chew I was glad I followed my gut instinct. So good was this sandwich that I even asked one of my dining mates whether they’d had a sandwich near to, or any better than what we were enjoying – and he said the only place that probably came close to something like this was Katz’s Deli in New York City. So without a hesitation I continued eating, and as the juices started to drip down my hands I was reminded of why I had come to Lima – not just to enjoy a sandwich – but also to try the many other great dishes on offer in this beautiful city. 

In terms of good food in Peru I never thought that a sandwich would be something I’d be writing about, but sure enough here I was – sandwich in one hand, and a can of brew in the other, and this was only day one. 

So my pre-established idea of a sandwich  being just a bit of bread, with some meat, and sauce was my completely and utterly put to bed, as I soon as I realised that my ordinary sandwich days were well and truly behind me, I also quickly realised that I was about to enter a food odyssey unlike any other I had ever experienced before in my life. 


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