A quick tip here on Kiwi hot chips – if it doesn’t taste like a real potato – it’s not a real hot chip, and that’s perfectly OK because there are French Fries, and they are most definitely not hot chips. So the tip on the humble hot chip from a Kiwis perspective? Not so crispy, and more lightly cooked if their to be considered ‘real’ potato chips. OK, cheers for the tip! 

Why am I saying this? I literally had 5 minutes to spare before boarding my interconnecting flight to Santiago in Auckland and I decided to try a burger joint called Better Burger – and so it worked out l really would allow myself to be paged through Auckland airport by a heavy kiwi accented bloke for a meal before I boarded – ‘Muster Jeymes Rowey please comb to gate twunty sevven’.  OMG!! Right, time to bolt from the food court (with loot in hand as the adrenaline kicked in) to the other end of the airport to board the plane. After doing my best Ussain Bolt meets Danny Devito impression I managed to get to the gate, and board the plane. The looks on fellow passengers’ faces changed as I walked down the aisle of the aeroplane – and they realised I had a bag of food in my hand and not a longneck. ‘A mans gotta eat, honey’ I heard an American man remark to his wife as I rolled down the aisle, knowing the whole plane was keen to get rolling down the runway, there was also some curiosity about what I’d managed to grab in my hasty sprint. 

So what’s really ‘better’ when it comes to Better Burger? It’s actually their chips! I thought the name was clever, but their chips were pretty decent in that they tasted like real hot chips, and it reminded me of the kind I had as a kid from my old local Takeaway back in Homebush in inner-western Sydney (Cathy & Nicks). So what’s my hot tip on this New Zealand chip? They are not too crispy, or even piping hot from the cooking, and they have a softer consistency than what I’m used to, so maybe that’s the secret? Although I did note that some of their in-store matketing was heavily focused on the fact that ‘five minutes before the chips were cooked, they were potatoes’. So there really is something to be said for fresh (not frozen) hot chips, and I reckon these guys are onto something here. I’m not really sure how these chips were cooked, but suffice to say it wasn’t greasy, and I wasn’t getting that bloated feeling you get after eating a lot of hot chips, or French fries from any other place. So it’s good to know there’s still somewhere on this earth that does hot chips the right way, the way I remember them. 

Apparently this Better Burger place is the real deal here in the land of the silver fern, but their hot chips definitely have something going for them. Go check them out if you make it here. 

Tips on Kiwi Hot Chips 

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