The food appreciation life is one that’s always on the go. Whether it be discovering new restaurants, or trying out food that hasn’t made it onto our plate in the past, we advance in our appreciation of food (much like human endeavour more generally) when we move forward and yearn for something different, and ultimately something better. 

And when searching for that ‘something better’ – on a rainy and wet Friday night in Canberra, is there really any better way to spend it than down at a food truck pop-up? 

While a nomadic life on the go is never easy, and has its challenges, it’s worth remembering that some people just wouldn’t have it any other way, and food trucks prove that point absolutely. 

This latest culinary trip all started when I was on one of my usual strolls through Braddon when I decided to just pop-in to the food truck pop-up to see what was on offer. 

So what does a self-proclaimed foodie eat when down at a local car wash of all places? I decided the flavours of Italy were what I was after after spotting the Italian Street Food truck called Sugo Sardo, and the Father and Son team cooking up tasty food that’s deeply satisfying and good after a few brews. 

Simplicity is the key when it comes to food trucks – with most menus at most places only consisting of a few items, and at Sugo Sardo I tried the Italian meat ball sandwhich, which was a lot like a deep fried doughy hot pizza pocket (only bigger). The consistency of the dough was just right getting that nice balance between crispyness on the outside, and soft doughyness on the inside. It was (as most food truck eating experiences go) simple, yet tasty. 

Next up my sweet tooth got the better of me, and I found myself enjoying Loukomades – Greek Doughnuts smothered in Nutella, and biscuit crumbs at a place fittingly called Mr Puff, which was being run by a Mother and her two children. 

Food truck life brings out people from all walks of life, and this is why it’s so appealing to me. Whether it be the Father and Son team, or the Mother and her two children there really is something to be said of food, and how it brings families together not just at the dinner table, but in life more generally. And apart from earning a decent living, a lot of food truck operators also do it for the passion, and this more than anything is why I have a lot of respect for food truck crews and their tasty late night offerings. 

Food truck life shares a lot of similarities to a travelling digital nomadic lifestyle, and I find the whole idea of being in a city one day, and then perhaps a small town the next somewhat incredibly appealing, so my admiration for food truckers isn’t purely culinary based, it comes from a belief that if you want anything in life you have to go out and get it, by working hard, proving your worth, and by going and trying new experiences, and by turning up in new places. Respect. 

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